6 Best Male Enhancement products in 2021: Most Effective Penis Enlargement Creams for Men

You’ve seen the best male enhancement products advertised at gas stations, online, and probably in a few adult stores here and there. These products promise significant changes for the average or less-than-well-endowed man.

Check this out…

Male enhancement products

Imagine growing one inch, two inches, or even ten inches with a quick-fix elixir.

Naturally, a logical-thinking person would ask, are these advertisements real or just a scam?

There is always some truth to the product ads, but it’s essential we first define what “enhancement” means and what realistic results men can expect.

In doing so, we also need to get rid of the exaggeration and find out what these creams do, with a view into health and sexual satisfaction.

In this discussion, we’re going to discuss the six best brand names and what ingredients offer the most potent manhood enhancement for men.

The Best Male Enhancement Products that works fast in 2021

VigRx Oil makes a statement with its natural approach. For this reason, the product gets 10/10. Hardwood is the runner-up, and Prosolution Gel is the easiest to apply. Both products get 8/10. The others on the list get a well-deserved 7/10.Best Overall Cream – VigRx OilGreat for Fast Results – Prosolution GelSafest Choice – HardwoodSafest Enlargement Cream – Man 1 OILBest Penis Cream for Skin Health – X CreamBest Oversexed Option – Instant PerformerHere is our review of the best six brands by ingredients.

1. VigRx Oil –

Best Male Enhancement Cream OverallProsGreat risk-free guaranteeNatural ingredients that are healthy, prostate friendly, and improve blood flowA formula so intense, it even makes orgasms last longerConsWhile effects are claimed to be instant, some users report needing two weeks to notice a differenceOne of the top-selling brands for male enhancement is VigRX, a natural booster that is said to improve sperm count, male fertility, and the overall health and speed of sperm.

VigRX ingredients work to reverse the decline in men, particularly men in decline from aging. Men can expect a libido boost, harder erections, longer-lasting sex, longer orgasms, and fast-acting enhancement as well.

VigRX includes some natural ingredients that are verified to provide a health boost as well as an aphrodisiac effect. The formula consists of Ginkgo Biloba, Asian red ginseng, and muira pauma. The cream takes effect in minutes, stimulating blood flow directly to the penis, which produce a faster effect.

From black pepper fruits, Bioperine is noteworthy because it helps to improve absorption speed and efficiency up to 30 percent – making sure you get the full boost.

The formula does not physically increase penis size but does treat erectile dysfunction. However, if a man has ED, its quite possibly erection size has been compromised from blood flow problems and low quality and quantity sperm.

That’s why the makers of VigRX are confident that up to 67 days later, you will be hard and in charge, at least in the bedroom.

2. Prosolution Gel –

Cleanest OptionProsMany users prefer the neater form of a gel to creamA mix of healthy products and the hormone and blood booster L-arginineFaster absorption rateConsMuch longer waiting time, perhaps months of useProsolution Gel’s unique approach offers an easy gel in contrast to the sticky feeling of other creams. The product boosts nitric oxide levels for a Viagra-like effect but using only herb-based ingredients. In addition to stronger erections and sexual durability, more robust orgasms and thicker girth.

The creators stress boosted nitric oxide, courtesy of L-arginine, which dilates the blood vessels, vitamins for health, and amino acids for hormone increase. The gel formula, like traditional creams, gets absorbed faster by blood tissue than oral supplements.

Unlike other oil-based creams, Prosolution gel is less colorful and actually gets absorbed faster by comparison. The company claims that while results should be instantaneous, the best results regarding permanent growth and durability achieved in two to three months.

3. Hardwood –

Safest Choice ProsNice mix of exotic ingredients and health boostersAvailable in pill form as wellLonger lasting erections, “staying power,” according to some usersConsSome users complain of discomfort – the cold and tingly head feelingHardwood male enhancement cream provides natural enhancement while also offering penis enlargement in length and width and prolonged orgasm.

While the product doesn’t exactly promise size increase by inches, the makers of Hardwood say that you will have bigger erections that last all night, similar to the Viagra effect.v The proprietary formula uses L-arginine, an amino acid that helps create protein, as well as nitric oxide. The formula also includes Maca root, tongkat, zinc, and a unique ginseng blend. While the formula is available in pill form, it also comes in cream form for faster performance.

Hardwood combines minerals, hormone boosters, and the most well-known herbs for a safe and effective formula.

4. Man 1 OIL –

Safest Enlargement CreamProsOnly a small bit of cream is needed daily, and the whole tube lasts for 3 monthsMade in the USA, meaning your penis will be red, white and blue! (Well, not literally…)Tested for safetyConsMore healthy mix than a true erection boosterMan 1 Oil is called penile health cream, and it does emphasize a health-first approach over fantastic promises. In addition to enhancing sensation, the product also treats dry, red, cracked, or peeling penis skin, which is an excellent “touch.” (Wrong choice of words?)

The advanced care product combines moisturizers with amino acids for this dual effect. As far as enhancing sensation goes, healthier penile skin and nerve tissue means better blood flow, which means firmer and stronger erections.

Despite having moisturizing content, Man 1 Oil is fragrance-free, with no dyes, and has nine vitamins that directly apply to the skin for nerve healing and circulatory health. These vitamins and minerals include:Vitamin A: Helps skin and resists bacteriaVitamin B5: Helps cell regenerationVitamin C: Promotes good circulation and production of collagenVitamin D: Helps cellular healthVitamin E: Moisturizing and repairing damaged cellsLipoic Acid: Antioxidant effectsLysine: Helps build collagen for skin healthCarnitine: Regenerates damaged nerve receptors and promotes better metabolic functionSodium Hyaluronate: Helps keep skin suppleShea Butter: Treats acne, dry skin and inflammation5. X Cream – Best Penis Cream for Skin Health ProsHealthy formula for penile skin enhancement as well as a sex boosterFocuses more on full girthy erections, which is more important than lengthMany users like the smellConsCould take a month or longer to see effectsAspartame, really?X-Cream is a so-called penis growth cream, that also suggests performance boost and a dramatic increase in sex drive. The natural increase in girth and thickness comes from the formula, which has a lot of powerful ingredients and some pointless additives.

Some of the best ingredients include arginine, calcium, lysine, and important amino acids like leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, tryptophan and others. Less impressive ingredients include aspartame, salt, and sodium. But the emu oil, verified to help skin, is a nice touch. The formula is helpful given its antioxidant and protein, and hormone-building ingredients.

However, the formula – which takes about a month or slightly longer to show “girthy results” is not a miracle. It’s also relatively high maintenance, as it must be stored and refrigerated for optimum use.

While aspartame is not incredibly healthy overall, the ingredients that treat the skin’s suppleness and hydration are impressive.

6. Instant Performer –

Best Oversexed OptionProsExtended six-month warranty, which is greatPretty cool list of healthy and horny ingredientsUm, free internet porn access?ConsHonestly, the free internet porn access doesn’t do much for the brand’s reputationInstant Performer is another transdermal cream that acts instantly when applied to the penis, providing stronger erections and “bigger and thicker” sizes.

While the imagery of performing like a “sexual superhero” is enticing, we’re more interested in the formula and Instant Performer does provide some information about its proprietary blend; L-arginine, horny goat weed, ginkgo biloba, panax ginseng, and Punica Granatum, from pomegranate.

The company offers an impressive six month guarantee, which is nice, as well as celebrity pornstar access.

Because, after all, when your penis is huge and pulsing, what else are you going to do with it, besides jerk off to internet porn? Or maybe the makers just want to make sure you have some good porno finishing moves in your sexual repertoire, so you can put all that super erection energy to good use.

Buyer’s Guide: How Penis Creams Work

There is much confusion about how penis creams work since various companies use vague terms to explain a scientific effect. When you apply transdermal cream to the skin, you get a faster response from the ingredients because it absorbs directly into the skin’s pores and eventually the bloodstream.

You will notice that most gel and cream-based medicine contains a proprietary formula, since the active ingredients are not enough to ensure performance. Usually, alcohol is included in the formula because that helps with penetration and absorption.

The Key Ingredients

While it’s debatable what products are verified to work – and especially so since every person’s body chemistry is different – there are a few ingredients that make almost every brand’s final list.L-arginineEssential Amino AcidsVitamins A-KMineralsHerbsHormone boostersVitamins and minerals are part of a healthy diet. The sad fact is that many men are incredibly unhealthy in their day-to-day life, and their erection quality suffers because of that.

Health and Lifestyle

When men are young, they tend not to notice problems with blood flow or heart health. Blood flow quality is probably a crucial factor in determining erection strength, length, girth, and yes, how much of a real man you are.

Optimum health and young age make a man a stallion in bed. (Well, maybe that and some training in Kegel exercises) The reason being that good health leads to excellent blood flow and the natural production of more than enough nitric oxide to keep things moving.

As men age, however, health matters more. Men no longer get an “erection for free card” just because they’re young. Blood flow is compromised, and the weaker erections a man has over time, the less “big and long” a man looks and feels compared to what he could be.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms will begin to appear after a certain age for some men – and these symptoms are very often predecessors to more serious medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

On the other hand, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet full of vegetables and healthy proteins can do wonders for erection quality.

Health Supplements

When it comes to the verified science of certain health supplements, it isn’t easy to make promises. Yohimbe is one of the few herbal “drugs” with potency acknowledged by the FDA, but it’s so potent the FDA suggests being cautious of using it since it can interfere with heart function.

On the other hand, so-called aphrodisiacs like Ginseng, DHEA, and Rhodiola rosea may help some men on their own because limited studies suggest they have Viagra-like effects in the way of promoting nitric oxide.

You Will Not Get a Bigger Penis – You Will Just Get “Bigger”

Finally, it’s important to remember that penis creams cannot make you increase the length or girth of your penis by traction theory, or witchcraft, or anything else companies are promising.

While some studies suggest that penis length can be affected by traction, this method involves stretching and not simply rubbing creams on your nuts.

However, what will happen is that if you start eating healthier and using specific supplements that promote better blood flow, you will feel thicker and longer. Your penis will grow to its proper size – something that may alarm you if you’re used to being an average size because of, well, average health.

Therefore, it’s good practice to be inquisitive and to try new ideas for increasing erection quality. After a health boost, try some natural remedies and – with a doctor’s advice – see what results you can find.

Frequently Asked Questions

All PC-ness aside, size matters…right?

Would you believe us if we told you, erection quality is more critical than dick size? While there might be some size queens out there, it’s far more embarrassing for a man to have a weak erection than an average-sized member.

A partner is probably far more interested in how hung you are (meaning staying power and full pounding hard erections) than how many inches you have to spare.

It’s also pretty cool if you know how to use that loaded weapon in sexy ways rather than just mindless thrusting. So take a balanced view of the needs of your partner(s).

Is staying power related to erection size?

In some ways, yes, but in other ways, no. Staying power is closely related to breathing, relaxation, sexual experience, and even personal preference than blood flow.

Even if you take Viagra, a proven medical drug, you’re not going to be hard for hours on end. You will be more challenging than average a little while longer but have a shorter “refractory period” in-between erections. Getting hard a second time rather quickly is its reward.

In general, though, bigger erections mean better blood flow and better prostate health, so you could say that it’s all connected through “pipes” or something to that effect.

What herbal supplements do doctors recommend?

Don’t be surprised if, after a long conversation, your doctor recommends…Viagra. Or you could talk things over with your partner. Or even reading some hot erotica or something. Because doctors tend to recommend conservative treatments over experimental therapies.

Much of what we know about the best blood flow enhancement cream is limited. Doctors want to keep you safe, like something that works and are in a hurry to move on to their next case. Unless you have a heart condition, he or she will probably recommend Viagra over L-arginine.

The doctor will recommend getting yourself back to the gym, too, so that you can look more like The Rock Dwayne Johnson – who is an aphrodisiac to most women himself.


In closing, we found that VigRX had the best combination of health, prostate health specifically, and nitric oxide promotion than any other product. VigRX is endorsed by medical professionals, such as Dr. Steven Lamm of The View fame.

The formula also remains a top seller and trusted brand name for a highly questionable industry, where not much proof is given, but lots of promises are made. If you’re serious about feeling a difference, and boosting your erection quality with the best ingredients, we highly recommend VigRX for penis enhancement.

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